Funny story.

The plus side to the story I’m about to tell is that Steve and I were given a very nice gas grill as a wedding gift from my co-workers. Amazing, right? Visual:

Last weekend Steve made the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had. (Seriously insane. Recipe is in this book). He had just turned the grill on and had the lid lifted so he could put some oil on the grate when he smelled something burning. He looked around, didn’t see anything. Closed the lid and realized that his bike helmet had melted on it. See the bike in the photo above? That used to have a helmet hanging from the handle bar.

That stuff on top of the bbq? That’s what the helmet left behind. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to a bike helmet when it melts, here are some photos for you.

Thankfully there wasn’t a head in there, right? Yikes.

Book Club: #24

This book was…interesting. If you recall, I loved “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, so I was expecting a bit more from this book by the same author. It was definitely entertaining, but the plot never really seemed to develop. I finished the last page, closed the book and thought to myself, “That’s it?”. As you may also remember, I vowed never to include a review of a book I didn’t like (because what’s the point of that, right?), so I would like to state for the record that I definitely didn’t dislike this book – it just wasn’t one of my favorites.

The plot in a nutshell: Twin sisters go to live in there recently deceased aunt’s flat in London and discover that she’s still hanging out in the flat and can communicate with them even though she’s dead. Oh, there’s a ghost kitten in the flat too.

The best parts, in my opinion, were the stories and facts told about the Highgate Cemetery, which their flat borders. Intrigued? Check it out on Amazon here.



Baby gift

Last weekend while I was completing 2 different burp cloth orders (dinosaurs and cowgirls) I thought I would go big and make a 3rd set. Which means that you can get your very own set of 3 personalized burp cloths. Adorable floral print with the name of your choice on each one. They’ll come wrapped in twine as pictured.

Check them out on Etsy here.


Book Club: #23

This book was pretty magical. Yes, the target market here is grades 5-9, but talk about getting lost in never-ending adventures full of mystery and creativity. Plus every plot twist seems to result in an uplifting life lesson to be learned. Which is adorable, right? Nothing against Twilight, but I think kids these days could use a book like this. And I know the kid in me can’t wait to read the other two books in the trilogy.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Trapeze Class?

Yes, that’s right. I signed up for a trapeze class. Originally when a friend asked me to buy the Groupon with her, I said something like, “I want to do that about as much as I want to soil myself in public, so no thanks”. But then other friends started to buy it and a little curiosity combined with the fear of missing out on something I would probably never do again led me to cave and sign up for the class. The lame plot twist is that I was in a car accident two weeks after we bought the Groupon and I wasn’t able to participate in the class last weekend. I won’t lie – part of me was sort of happy I had the excuse not to be flying through the air in yoga pants, but then towards the end when everyone started to feel more comfortable and enjoy it, I was a bit sad. What can you do though right? I got to play photographer and felt like a mom at a soccer game.

The photos don’t really show how terrifying it looked, or how impressive their moves were. By the end they were being caught by a professional while hanging upside-down from the bar. Woah, right? It really did look like a ton of fun. Three of the four people in my group signed up for a second class, which I think says a lot.

The class was at Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle. Check it out why don’t ya.

These boots

Are dying. And I killed them you guys. I bought them at Nordstrom Rack about 4 years ago and they were “Refurbished!” to begin with (I’m not exactly sure what that meant for these boots, but my detective skills tell me it has something to do with the one panel of leather that’s a different color), which means that I got them at a bargain price. I’ve known for a while that they need to be re-soled, but I didn’t stop to really pay attention to how much I’ve been neglecting them until I saw that there was a giant hole forming on the right boot. It opened up to say, “FIX ME. fortheloveofgod, FIX ME”.

Step 1: Super glue the hole closed (I would get the kind that dries clear, not white)

Step 2: Clamp it tightly for 30-5o minutes (I put my boot under the lamp. Dangerous, yes. But as you can tell, I live life on the edge.)

Step 3: Once the glue is dry, use brown shoe polish to spiffy up the leather.

I don’t know much about shoe polish, but I got the exact Synovia tube shown in the photos when I worked at Nordstrom 6 years ago and it’s still almost full, and it still works great. Based on my minimal experience, I would totally recommend this brand.

Next step: Rubber soles on the bottom.

Book Club: #22

Book Club #22 brings us to One Mississippi by Mark Childress. It was funny, entertaining, thought provoking, and on more than one occasion I wanted my bus ride to be longer so I could keep reading. And trust me when I tell you that that is not normal.

In a nutshell, One Mississippi is set in 1973 where the main character (Daniel Musgrove) is forced to move from Indiana to Mississippi with his family after his dad gets a transfer at work. He attends a high school that has just been segregated and the first black prom queen is elected. The plot twists, they just keep on coming.

Trust me, it’s worth a trip to the library.