Dresser makeover

A few months ago Steve and I bought a dresser from Ikea. That makes the third piece of brand spanking new furniture that we’ve picked out and bought ourselves. I love hand-me-downs and second-hand items, but it is such a treat to know you need a dresser and to go to the store to actually buy a dresser. Well imagine my frustration when we realized that the holes screwed in one of the front pieces had been put in backwards by the Ikea people, which meant that the only choice was for the unstained side to face out. It was infuriating for me to look at…I’m actually getting heated just thinking about the unbalancedness of our brand new dresser. We discussed┬átaking it back, but that would mean disassembling it or borrowing a truck, which neither of us had the gumption for. So in the end we decided that I would just have to deal with this little flaw in our new dresser.

Needless to say, it could not be ignored. It was bright and annoying and glaring at me. Then I had a genius thought that if I painted all of the front pieces the same different color, maybe I could live with that.

Nope. That definitely didn’t work.
Long story short, I took the time to prime and paint the dresser last weekend.

It took two cans of spray primer to cover the dresser.

I chose a warm grey paint color and absolutely love how it turned out. Of course now I want to take all my thrifted furniture items into the back yard and make them look brand new too. But what I’ve learned in the 2 weeks since I’ve been a home owner is that patience is an absolute necessity.

It took almost 5 cans of spray paint.

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