Bedroom makeover

When we moved into our house the back bedroom was probably the ugliest room I’d ever seen. It was completely functional, but was really just too hideous to even step foot in. Visual:

To recap the above, we had faux-wood paneling on all of the walls, brown carpet, brown trim, brown fixtures and a brown cork closet. Sigh. We knew immediately that this would be our first project.

Step one: Remove faux-wood paneling. (Discover blue drywall with lots of glue.)
Step two: Remove carpet.
Step three: Remove trim and closet doors.

(We didn’t take a before photograph of the ceiling, but trust me when I say that the drywall was very damaged).
Step four: Put new drywall on the ceiling. (Disclaimer: I had absolutely no part in this. Steve and a friend, bless his heart, installed it themselves.)

Step five: Install a new overhead light fixture.
Step six: Sand the heck out of the wall. That glue was a total nightmare to get off.
Step seven: Paint!
Step eight: Put up window trim, door trim, closet trim, floor trim and crown molding on the ceiling. (Disclaimer: making a mitered corner with crown molding is literally the most counter-intuitive thing I have ever done. It felt like such an accomplishment when it was done. We may have chest bumped.)

Step nine: Have carpet installed.

Step ten: Add light and outlet fixtures. (Steve replaced the plates as well as the light switch and electrical outlets so that everything was white.)

Now that the room is complete, it’s really hard to imagine it looking like it did when we moved in. I am so, so happy with how it turned out. And the best part was that with the exception of having the carpet installed, Steve and I did everything ourselves. We knew nothing about this kind of thing, but did a lot of research and watched a ton of YouTube videos. It was challenging, a lot of fun, and very rewarding. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

Paint – Brand: Valspar, Color: Pale Chamois (purchased at Lowe’s)
Carpet – Type: SOS Kensigton, Color: 56 Canterbury (purchased at Lowe’s)

3 thoughts on “Bedroom makeover

  1. Just showing my mom your abode and she is standing over my shoulder, reading everything outloud and looking over all the photos. She is very impressed and thinks it looks great. The best part for me, however, was when she read outloud “Damn it feels good to be a gangster.” hahahaha and then she asked, what’s a gangster… even better. Keep up all the great work!

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