New sandals

I was perusing the sale section at Nordstrom the other day and found myself wishing the white parts of these sandals was a different color. Since I didn’t see anything else I liked, I decided I would just buy them and try to dye them at home.


My plan was to just dye the white parts black, but it turns out I didn’t have the right materials (a small brush), or enough patience to execute that very well. Since I got black dye on the brown leather, I just dyed the entire front part.


They’re not perfect by any means, but I really like how the black-brown color blocked look turned out.

(I used the dye left over from a pair of shoes I transformed almost exactly one year ago.)

3 thoughts on “New sandals

  1. What kind of dye did you use to do this? I have some silver sandals that I want to dye black, but I’m unsure what dye to use.

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