Four Seasons Kona

No, we didn’t actually stay at the Four Seasons. But we did eat dinner there, and believe me when I say that that was enough of a splurge for us. It is absolutely gorgeous there though, and if we do start crapping money that would definitely be where we stayed. It beats the Kona Hilton by a landslide in my opinion (photos of that to come.)

Unfortunately we didn't eat at this table. But since it was a few feet away, it was easy to pretend. Until they asked us to stop staring.

Those are real turtles! Just don't go within 30 feet of them or you'll get snipereed.

My second favorite tree.



I haven’t done anything with our honeymoon photos – the only reason they’re not on my camera anymore is because I wanted to clear everything off before Steve and I went to Canada last weekend. Otherwise they’d still be hanging out on the memory card for sure. We’ve looked at them a few times, I just haven’t actually done anything with them yet. Until after having a fairly stressful and very busy day yesterday, I couldn’t not post this today. Can I go back yet?

Oh no you didn’t.

Yes, yes I did. I took a week off from the blog.¬†I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I’m getting married in 26 days. That means that a lot of time has been spent making programs, figuring out table decor, and tracking down the last 20 RSVP’s that are now 6 days past the date we asked for them to be returned. Not that I don’t sort of strongly dislike each and every one of those people who have their pre-stamped RSVP sitting on their kitchen table or anything. Not a big deal at all. Take as long as you need to.

What this means is that I have had very little time to do anything that isn’t wedding-related. It sort of drives me insane in the same way that I sort of love every second of it. Use a corner rounder on hundreds of pieces of paper while watching Friends episodes on a Friday night? Sign. Me. Up. What this also means is that I have had little to no time to put any thought into a decent blog post lately. Hence the week of no blog posts. Don’t panic, but this will probably happen again. More than once.

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo I took yesterday of a tree. You’re welcome.

Made by someone else.

I didn’t paint this. But since it’s better than anything I could ever paint, I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Last weekend at my bridal shower in my home town of Vancouver, WA my friend Kaley gave me this beautiful painting she did of the monkey puzzle tree on UW’s campus (see significance here). It was the perfect gift.


Steve and Becky, A Love Story

For our wedding, our friends Kelsey and Mike are putting a video together for us. It involves lots of interviews from friends and family, some pictures, footage of Steve and me, etc. Mike emailed me the “super rough/thrown together trailer” last night. All I have to say is if this is the rough draft, then I am straight up ecstatic for the potential of the final product.

:D <—– That’s me. Grateful to have such great friends and an absolutely¬†fantastic fiance.