Slug bug red.

I was at work for 13 hours yesterday. Which means, if you factor in my commute, I was gone from my apartment for FIFTEEN HOURS. I recognize fully that that is complete and utter insanity and I have no way to explain it. But it is a really good excuse for having a lame blog post, and to explain any spelling or grammatical errors you might notice.

Today you get to see greeting cards I made in 2008! Back when I had time for things like hand sewing buttons to cardstock in order to make car wheels.

Baby stuff

I got the order for these two baby sets about two weeks ago – approximately the day before my sewing machine started skipping stitches. A repair, mind you, that I’ve had done twice now. I won’t even go into how frustrating that is for a brand new sewing machine because I don’t want to get all worked up and bore you. (But seriously, right?)

Anywho. We have the pink set – the pink fabric is made from a vintage bed spread which makes me so happy I could just burst. Pink? Vintage? Babies? Eek. (Don’t worry, I washed the bedspread twice before cutting and sewing.)

Plaids for baby girls. I love that idea, which is probably why this purple set is seriously striking my fancy.

Made by me: Another day, more shoes.

These are for my friend Kim who I played soccer with years ago. Not only is she a mom, but she has three (seriously adorable) kiddo’s! It seems like just yesterday we were 13 and winning the state championship with our other Rockin’ Robins teammates. Aaahh, good times.

And of course, a shout-out to this pattern:

P.S. In honor of the holidays, I give you snow on my blog. :D