A skirt with a story

Two years ago I went to visit Steve in Moscow Idaho right before I left for NYC for the year. We stopped in a fabric store in Pullman Washington where I discovered vintage fabric for sale for only $1/yard. At the time I had very little money and knew I really should be saving every penny, but I just couldn’t resist getting a few yards while I was there. This yellow skirt was made from some of the fabric I picked up that day. Because it’s vintage, the color doesn’t really exist anywhere else. It’s a bright golden mustard yellow that strangers literally stopped me last week to talk about.

See how I wore this skirt last September, and on a cold winter day in December 2010.

Blouse: Brooklyn Industries, thrifted // Necklace: J.Crew // Skirt: Vintage fabric, self-made // Belt: Ralph Lauren, thrifted // Shoes: Matt Benson

The suspense is over

Have you been losing sleep since Monday because you’ve been dying to see the finished project? Well my friends, the wait is over.

Some disclaimers:

1. It hasn’t been sunny in the past few months here in Seattle, so I’m actually in pain in that photo above.

2. I had about 1/2 a yard less than I needed to properly line up the plaids on this shirt, which is why the front placket is off. And I die a little bit on the inside every time I see it, because plaids that don’t line up on garments drive me insane. But I knew I wanted to make a blouse out of this fabric, and technically I did make it work. Barely – I had zero fabric left, but it’s still wearable. And luckily since I’m the one wearing the shirt, I can go the majority of the day without seeing the front of it. I’m sorry in advance if you see me today.

3. The plaids down the side seams line up. Nobody cares, but I had to include that for my sake.

4. I made the skirt too!

Blouse: Self made out of vintage fabric / Skirt: Self made / Tights: Target / Shoes: Dolce Vita, thrifted / Belt: J.Crew

Top Secret

Just like the coat from two weeks ago, and the skirt from last Monday – I can’t tell you who this skirt is for. Don’t you love Christmas time? :)

I can tell you that it’s for a friend’s mom. The requests were: a knee-length wool skirt with pleats, a purple lining, fabric-covered buttons and pockets. Here’s to hoping it fits.

Pockets make everything better.

I think (almost) every garment should have pockets. You know – somewhere to put your keys, your hands when you’re feeling awkward or cold, your lip balm so you don’t lose it, etc. I just feel better about my day when pockets are involved in my outfit.

So of course when making this skirt (for a super secret Christmas present), I included pockets.

The rest of the outfit:

Shirt: Banana Republic
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: Fred Meyer
Boots: Thrifted
Scarf: From a cruise ship gift shop (random, I know)
Necklace: Thrifted
Tote: Made by me  - buy one here!

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Made by me: Plaid holiday skirt

Remember the skirt below from this post? As you may also remember, it was too long for my model to wear with her Hunter boots, so I shortened it and now have it for sale on Etsy.  (It’s in my ‘sample sale’ section because I didn’t really intend on selling it when I made it. Click here to check it out.) The sheer navy blue overlay is gathered, and the plaid fabric is pleated. I was trying to go for a textured look…but I’m pretty sure it would have looked the same if I had just gathered both layers, which would have taken a fraction of the time. Eh, you live and learn.

The rest of my outfit:

Sweater: Old Navy (I had to buy this on my way to work a few months ago in NYC when I got caught in a torrential downpour. I was wearing a sheer white blouse. Sort of funny now, not so funny then.)
Tights: Fred Meyer (1/2 off on Black Friday. Thankyouverymuch.)
Shoes: Payless
Belt: H&M
Bobbly necklace: Calvin Klein, thrifted
Chain Necklaces: Forever 21
Earrings: Jessica Simpson

Made by me: A coat for Dani

For Dani I made a high-collared royal blue wool coat. The wool was a bit hard to track down, but thankfully I found it because this coat might just be one of my favorites.

The rest of my outfit:

Shirt and skirt: Made by me
Tights: Target
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Earrings: Boutique in Portland

Thank you Dani! :D

Best of Seattle Magazine: Outfit #2

This is the last post about the Seattle Magazine Best of 2010 party, I promise. For the final round you get to see what Megan’s second outfit was, and also what I wore to the event.

My outfit:

Jacket: Made by me (click here to buy it!)
Skirt: Made by me (Click here to buy one!)
T-shirt: Made by me
Tights: Target
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Bright pink bracelet: Proof that while I may look 16, I am in fact over 21.

Megan’s outfit:

Capelet: Made by me (Click here to buy one!)
T-shirt: Made by me
Skirt: Made by me
Tights: Target
Boots: Hunter
Belt: H&M

It was such a fun night. Megan – thank you! I owe you big. Huge.

P.S. You may recall the sneak preview of a different plaid skirt? That one ended up being too long for the holiday-themed Hunter wellies and capelet outfit, so it got the boot. Luckily I had grabbed this back up skirt at the last second. Phew.

Made by me: Grey wool skirt with pockets

I made this skirt last year as a school project (to learn different sewing techniques and to understand precisely what a perfect construction job looks and feels like) and never wore it. It has pockets! Why have I never worn this? I figured I should at the very least let someone else get some use out of it.

The details: This is a size Small grey wool skirt. It has two pockets, a back zip closure and a front box pleat.

Waist: 27″
Waist (3″ down): 30″
Hips (9″ from top of waist): 40″
Width at hem (with pleat closed): 47″
Width at hem (with pleat open): 60″
Length of skirt: 24.5″
Length of zipper: 8.5″
Length of box pleat:18″

Skirt: Wool
Lining: Polyester

Dry Clean Only.

Check it out on my etsy page!

Blouse: Becky Sullivan, similar
Skirt: Becky Sullivan, similar
Belt: Gap, similar
Tights: Target
Boots: Thrifted from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn, similar

Made by me: High-waisted herringbone skirt

This is one of my favorite skirts. I basically adapted a school project (just a simple pencil skirt with some seaming details) in order to make it fancy enough to send down the runway at the 2009 Seattle Fashion Week. I had 2 weeks to create 10+ outfits (thats over 20 garments mind you), so adaptations were key.

The details: this is a size medium a-line high-waisted herringbone skirt with a bright red lining. I love the fabric – it might be my favorite, I’m just not sure what it’s made of. It looks like wool, it feels like wool, but I’m not quite sure. I got it at a huge fabric sale and the seller wasn’t sure either.
Also, the front placket with all the buttons is just for looks. You get in and out of it through an invisible side zipper. I wanted to add a little pizzaz with the front buttons – without the added time of creating a functioning placket. Like I said, 2 weeks to do a whole lot of patterning and sewing.
Waist (at top): 28″
Waist (3″ down): 30″
Width at hip (9″ down from top): 38″
Width at hem: 44″
Length: 26.5″
Zipper length: 9″
Fabric: Wool/Polyester blend?
Lining: Polyester
Hand wash, line dry, iron on low

Check this skirt out on my etsy page!

The outfit:

Blouse: Becky Sullivan (both the black and ivory ones), similar
Skirt: Becky Sullivan, similar
Tights: Target, similar
Shoes: Narciso Rodriguez (gift from when I was an intern there), similar
Earrings: Becky Sullivan (made a couple of years ago from recycled jewelry!)